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 Welcome to the home of CoA: Children of Atom. Formally Wuk/NoK/SoE, we are a veteran clan in the Call of Duty series. With that said CoA is flying a new banner in hopes of gearing our recruitment up for the Star Wars The Old Republic release. We plan to show the same class, style, and skill on these new frontiers as we have in the past. CoA, as always, has high expectations of all of its members. We expect the best, because we deliver best.

 To opt in for recruitment, review this LINK then simply click "Join CoA" at the top of this page. Applications must be reviewed by our moderators before they can be accepted. Currently all applicants are accepted, but permanent membership/GB placement is all pending trial game time with our members. We would like to see how people actually do in game before anything is set in stone. The site is a great way for you to introduce yourself to our members. Keep in mind, we have about 15-20 people who have yet to even get signed up on the site as the site is fairly new. Also, some of our members do not own computers. We've been playing together for just over 5 years now guys n gals. In the past we have participated fairly well in GB. However, with MW2 we've been a little slow out of the gate. That is why we are opening our doors with a new website in hopes that we find some potential CoA like-minded players. All CoD   must get signed up for our GB asap LINK. The calendar will be updated weekly with GB times as well as misc. events being held by the clan (such as game nights). All CoA members are expected to keep up to date on the calendar events.
 New-comers please feel free to look around the site and cast your votes in the voting section, or join in the general discussions. Our forums have different security levels, as promotions are given out some forums may be unlocked A slightly more detailed break-down of our site ranks/clan ranks can be found here LINK. Ask a moderator (Sawyer or KNjVEZ) if your having trouble accessing something on your autherization level.

 If you need to get in contact with me; please send me an email at, or message my gamertag KNjVEZ, or simply send me a PM through the site. Thanks again for everyones help in bringing together the elites from our gaming history thus far, as well as the talented new faces gracing our presence today.

Official CoA Streaming Radio: AFTERHOURS.FM

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Star Wars: The Old Republic - Bounty Hunter Class Trailer

KNjVEZ, Mar 27, 11 3:59 PM.

Star Wars: The Old Republic - PAX East 2011: Taral V Walkthrough

KNjVEZ, Mar 27, 11 3:57 PM.

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Official Trailer

KNjVEZ, May 18, 10 11:17 PM.

The Future of Duty?

KNjVEZ, May 14, 10 1:31 PM.
A number of new websites for the Call of Duty franchise have been registered by Activision.

As spotted by superannuation, the publisher recently locked up internet domains for "Future Warfare," "Advanced Warfare," "Secret Warfare," and "Space Warfare." This doesn't necessarily mean games under these names are in development, however.

It's possible one of these domains may be related to the upcoming Call of Duty title developed by Sledgehammer Games, a new studio formed by Visceral Games executives Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey. Activision has been tight-lipped about the project since its announcement, only saying it will extend the franchise into the "action-adventure genre."

Unconfirmed reports from today suggest Activision may have penned Singularity developer Raven Software to contribute to the franchise as well. Reports say the studio is now tackling map pack development for the franchise as Infinity Ward continues to see many of its employees leave the studio.

A spokesperson told IGN the company does not comment on rumor or speculation.

Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Map Package

KNjVEZ, May 14, 10 12:35 PM.
Infinity Ward's community manager Robert Bowling revealed new details about the upcoming Resurgence Package, the second multiplayer map pack for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

In an interview with Microsoft's Xbox Live director of programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, Bowling confirmed the pack will include three all-new maps and two previously released maps from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The pack will also cost $14.99 (1200 Microsoft Points) and will be available first on Xbox Live starting June 3.

Here are the details on the three new maps:

Carnival – Desolate amusement park with excellent vantage points for snipers. It's "unlike anything we've ever done before," said Bowling. The map takes place during the daytime and includes all original art and model assets. Bowling added that the team really wanted to include this in the first map pack, but the team needed additional time for polish. It's a fairly large map and includes many set pieces, such as roller-coasters, a fun house, and bumper cars.

Trailer Park – Contains tight corridors and condensed areas. Very maze-like with obvious choke points. In context of the game, this map is the living quarters for the people who run the Boneyard level found in Modern Warfare 2's singleplayer campaign. The Boneyard will be viewable in the background.

Fuel – Completely unique from the other maps. The setting is an oil refinery and is split into two sections. One area is wide-open for snipers and the other half is a large warehouse with tight corridors. This map is almost as big as Overgrown from Call of Duty 4.

The two old maps are:

Vacant - Wide-open Russian complex and includes new visuals and details.

Strike - Urban town.
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